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Since Golden Age of Athens, Piraeus is one of the most important regions of Greece.


Piraeus is a city with special history. Since the ancient years Piraeus is a very important city for Greece. His historical evolution through time is unbreakably tied up with the sea, in which it owes his economic and cultural growth. It is found north-west of Athens in a distance of 10 kms from the centre of the capital and is surrounded by Saronikos. As a peninsula is surrounded by sea (geological, it is considered that at the antiquity it was island) and has the advantage of three harbours (central, Mikrolimano and Marina Zeas).

Since the ancient years Piraeus, "served" Athens as her harbour and it played important role in the defence of the city. During the Persian wars it was the main harbour of martial boats of the Athenian general Themistoklis. At 86 b.c. it was destroyed completely by the Romans. In the medieval years was named as Porto Leone, from the marble statue of Lion that was found in the entry of harbour. The statue was stolen during the expedition of Morozini (1668 a.c) and was transported in Venice. Thus today, there has been placed a copy of this Lion in the harbour's entrance.

In 1834 Piraeus was selected as the central commercial harbour of Athens. Since then it has been renovated several times in order to serve the needs and the modern requirements of each period. It is one of the biggest and more important harbours in the Mediterranean. From Piraeus harbour all the coastal lines sail to the islands of Greece but also for harbours abroad. The access to the harbour is particularly easy because at the opposite site of the entrance is located the station of Electric Railway (line Piraeus - Kifisia) along with the starting lines of many buses that connect the harbour with the centre of Athens and the remain regions of Piraeus.

Finally in Piraeus are found the Municipal and Veakio Theatre, Archaeological and Naval Museum, Pasalimani and Kastela distric. All the historical monuments of centre of Athens abstain hardly 10 kilometres.